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Brand: Marzocchi Photo from Marzocchi
Name: 2000 Model Z1 CR
Retail Price: $15,000 NT (approx. $450 USD)
(no longer available)
Type of Product: Coil Suspension Fork
Duration Tested: 3 months
Manufacturer Website:
Technical Info: Fork is designed for aggressive trail riding damped by a coil spring and hydraulic cartridge. Purchased in 4" travel mode, but can be upgraded to 5" with the purchase of new 130mm springs and top out springs. Approx. cost US$45. Also the lockout ECC feature available on 2001 MCR's can be retrofitted.
Pros: Super plush, sucks bumps big and small, inspires confidence on sketchy sections, top quality, has the old brace arch as opposed to the new M brace. Marzocchi rep's in Taiwan are super helpful and full maintenance guides are available for download on their website.
Cons: No lockout like on 2001 model Z1 MCR
Ride Summary: I purchased this fork in order to sate my desire for the ability to jump and drop, but not have to sacrifice handling or geometry issues associated with longer travel dual crown forks. Takes a little while to break in, but it has great adjustability in terms of rebound, compression and spring preload. Whilst this is by no means a pure free-riding demon fork it does offer great stiffness and reliable assistance in all types of riding scenarios. You know you can rely on Marzocchi Z1's for plushness and reliability and the CR is no different. It may be heavier than a Rock Shox or Manitou but if you are concerned about weight in the first place then the name Marzocchi is probably not on your list anyway. I have ridden in all conditions wet, muddy and dry and this fork has had no problems.
FFTA Verdict: 2 big thumbs up. Whilst I don't feel invincible I am certainly prepared to ride sections once deemed too risky.