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Fox Forx
Vanilla 100 RLC
Psylo SL
Manitou Black
Comp 80-100
Travel 100mm 80~125mm (U-Turn) 80mm or 100mm (RapidTravel)
Spring Type Coil (Peen-Shot) Coil+MCU Coil
Weight 1900~1950g 1900~1950g 1900~1950g
Steerer Aluminum Aluminum Steel
Stanchion diameter 32mm 30mm 30mm
Lower legs diameter 36mm N/A N/A
Preload Yes No Yes
Rebound Damping Yes Yes
(Pure Damping)
Yes (Quick Range)
Low-speed Compression Damping Yes Yes
(Climb-It Control)
Lock-out Lever Yes (independent) Yes (Climb-It Control) No
Lock-out blow-off adjustment Yes No  No
Manufacturer Website Fox Racing Shox Rock Shox Answer Products
Product Photo Photo by Fox Photo by Rock Shox Photo by Answer Products

The specification comparison chart above tells you it is not easy to tell any major difference of these forks, and it is very difficult to determine which fork is for you.  Don't worry, we will reveal and demystify the secret for you, including all the badness and goodness.  And the choice is still in your hands.