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Brand: Mavic Photo from Mavic
Name: X517
Retail Price: $6,000 NT for pair with Shimano XT Hubs (approx. $175 USD)
Type of Product: XC Rims
Duration Tested: 4 months
Manufacturer Website:

Technical Info: 32 spoke model with Shimano XT Hubs and DT spokes
Pros: They are said to be lightweight, but I really haven't noticed (was previously using Bontrager Race rims)
Cons: Within the first two months of riding these wheels, my 65 kg self had taco'd the front rim beyond usefulness in a low speed wipeout and dented the rear in numerous places. I've lost count of how many flats I've had, although I feel that I'm using adequate air pressure (about 40 psi, safely under Mavic's maximum inflation pressure of 55 psi). I've discovered many rough patches and imperfections inside the rim, suggesting poor craftsmanship from the factory. The wheels have had to be tuned after virtually every ride, including road rides.
Ride Summary: I don't like to spend much time thinking about my wheels. For nearly two years I rode the same Bontrager Race wheels. They were heavier, but I never had a problem with flat tires, or the wheels being out of true. Not the case with the X517. Our trails in northern Taiwan are very rocky - these are not the rims for rough riding.
FFTA Verdict: As a nacho bowl or a bashable piñata, I'd give the X517s a glowing rating. However, the next time I buy rims, they won't be the X517s and won't likely be from Mavic. One piñata out of five.