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Brand: GT Photo from GT
Name: iDRIVE 2.0 (2001)
Retail Price: $14,000 NT for frame
(approx. $700-1000 USD complete)
Type of Product: Full Suspension MTB Frame
Duration Tested: 1 year
Manufacturer Website:
Technical Info: 7005 butted aluminium dual suspension frame. Aimed at trail riding as opposed to pure XC. Frame weight a little heavier than weight conscious types would like. Rear suspension not original Rock Shox model but rather a lovely Fox Float with the joyous lockout feature. Gives approx 4.5 inches of travel. Mated with GT's patented iDrive technology.
Pros: - Nicely finished product, proving that Taiwan factories CAN produce at a nice price without sacrificing quality
- Rear suspension is smooth and provides great tracking through the rough stuff. Surprisingly it likes technical descents when rear suspension comes into it's own.
Cons: - With GT just taken over by Pacific there are issues concerning the honouring of warranty. However, the prices they are selling for in the US, who cares about warranty.
- A little heavy if you care about these things.
Ride Summary: I have read complaints about GT's iDRIVE frames stressing at the seat post following drops etc. One can only wonder why people are sitting on their seat when they take large drops, and besides this bike is no free-ride machine. Takes 4-foot drops to flat easily provided you can be smooth on the landing. The iDRIVE technology helps on technical climbing, and I can only imagine how well the lighter weight frames must perform. Whilst I am no climber the lockout and the iDRIVE combine to make for easier in and out of saddle work.
FFTA Verdict: 4 out of 5. This frame has introduced me to the wonderful world of wanting more travel and more speed. Great introductory level frame for aggressive trail riding.