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Giant VT 2
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Brand: Giant Photo of 2003 Giant VT 2 by Giant
Name: VT 2 (also VT-2 or VT2)
Retail Price: Not yet on the market, but likely around $3000 USD complete.
Type of Product: Full Suspension Frame
Duration Tested: One ride
Manufacturer Website:
Technical Info: Rock Shox Psylo XC, Manitou Swinger (Rear) Air Shock, Shimano LX/XT Drivetrain, Avid Mechanical Disc Brakes
Pros: A great bike for terrain a bit rougher than the average XC weenie feels comfortable on. Very little bobbing for those long road climbs. 14kg / 31lb. weight and the larger travel is great for going down the rough stuff.
Cons: Limited seat travel. Water bottle location on the underside of the downtube right where your front tire kicks up mud. 14kg / 31lb. weight is defintely not your helium balloon going uphill. Manitou Swinger Shock not easy to adjust compared to a standard coil shock with rebound and compression dampening dials.
Ride Summary: Not as "Cadillac plush as some 6" travel bikes I have ridden; more of a firm BMW type ride, but will eat big hits in stride. Click here to read the full-length summary.
FFTA Verdict: Nice package from Giant for the Enduro niche of riders. It is heavier, stiffer, and more plush than Giant's XtC NRS. It is a bit lighter than the Giant AC and pedals up hills way better. If seat adjustment and water bottle placement is really important to you, take a look at the Azonic Xtension/Xtension Xplore series of Freeride/All around bikes.