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Azonic Saber (Xtension Xplore)
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Frame Name: Azonic Saber (USA) Xtension Xplore - Azonic Saber Freeride Frame
Alternate Name: Xtension Xplore (Worldwide)
Retail Price: Varies by Country
Type of Product: Full-Suspension Bike
Testing Period: Numerous models for more than one year.
Technical Info: Various setups tested and reviewed
Pros: Versatile; climbs well; reasonable weight
Cons: Must use Shimano Rapid Rise rear derailleur
Ride Summary: Click here to read the full-length summary.
FFTA Verdict: "At the end of the story, no matter how you equip this stellar frame, you can hardly go wrong. The bike has so many different possible personalities ... if you are shopping around for an all purpose bike, I give this bike 5 flamin' turds." (Lester Lin)
Additional Info: ‘03 Xtension Xplore Fact Sheet (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)