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The longer I ride, the more I appreciate the subtle things. Initially I craved high speeds, steep descents and kept searching for the perfect ride. Now, I find myself taking greater pleasure out of smaller things ... the never ending 'wit' that goes around between riders, the climbs, the unusual places we find ourselves in, riding through puddles ... the subtle tones of riding.

The Dysfunctional FFTA Family Our Dysfunctional Family

We FFTAers are a strange bunch, best described as a dysfunctional family. Guff is frequently given but never taken - hardly anything slips by without a comment, or a laugh.

Riding Through Puddles

Riding Through Puddles

When you live and ride in a wet country, you're going to get wet sometimes ... I've learned not to complain for fight it. Instead, I pick up speed and ride straight through the guts of the puddle. Enjoy life.

Climbing the 245 Stairs Before Maokong's Lookout

Very Local Riding

Tunnels and Dogs

Riding Out of Sight

Interesting Locations

When you ride in Taiwan, you don't have to wait long to find yourself in an unusual location. Carrying your bike up long flights of stairs, riding through the narrow alleys that represent a front yard for somebody, being chased through darkness by stray dogs ... not to mention the countless stops along the way to take in the truly remarkable natural scenery.