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Below are a collection of mountain biking photo essays by FFTA photographer Dennis Flood. You can find more photo essays and galleries here.

Dennis Flood Photography - View more photos at Dennis Flood (personal website)
Dennis is from Athens, Canada. A freelance photographer, Dennis is somewhat of a traditionalist he rides a vintage steel hardtail and still enjoys shooting with a fully manual camera. Dennis's photos have appeared in Action Asia, This Month in Taiwan, Maple Leaf Magazine and Lifestyle Magazine.

East of the Rockies - Photo Gallery by Dennis Flood

East of the Rockies

A look into the world of mountain biking that happens East of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It seems there is more to Canadian mountain biking than just BC. (Note: This photo essay requires the use of Flash Player 7 or higher.) (view)

Taroko II - Central Taiwan Revisited

Taroko II - Central Taiwan Revisited

A series of photos covering the road ride from Wuling (He Huan Shan), Taiwan's loftiest highway to Hualien on the east coast. (Note: This photo essay requires the use of Flash Player 6 or higher.) (view)

My Maokong Photo Essay

My Maokong

This essay is dedicated to the Maokong Trail, a pleasing collection of trails and quirky roads nestled on the southern edge of Taipei. (view)

LaLa Bits Photo Essay

LaLa Bits

Bits and pieces of photos left over from the FFTA's first crack at the LaLa Shan Trail. This unforgettable experience was about more than just riding. (view)

Subtle Tones Photo Essay

Subtle Tones

Careful not to let the subtle, more simple themes of riding slip away, this photo essay is dedicated to the subtle tones of mountain biking in Taiwan. (view)

The Trail Photo Essay

The Trail

Without the trail, mountain biking is simply road riding. Here's to the trail ... (view)

Let There Be Snow  Photo Essay

Let There Be Snow

Though Taiwan doesn't get much snow, other locales do. Dedicated off-roaders don't let a little snow keep them off their bikes. (view)

Bali Skies Photo Essay

Bali Skies

Bali's southern peninsula, The Bukit, is home to amazing singletrack and inspiring skies. (view)