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Self Photo by Patrick O'Leary

Patrick O'Leary
Patrick is from Kona, Hawaii. A staff photographer for Surfing Magazine USA and Japan Surfing Life, Patrick shoots and rides MB in Taiwan to keep the sanity level in check. Patrick's photos have also appeared in Playboy, Action Asia and Cycling Update.

Photo Essays: Altitude Sickness, Stone Deer x2, Taipei Bike Show BMX Photos and Bali Notes

On board with Photographer Dennis Flood

Dennis Flood (personal website)
Dennis is from Athens, Canada. A freelance photographer, Dennis is somewhat of a traditionalist he rides a vintage steel hardtail and still enjoys shooting with a fully manual camera. Dennis's photos have appeared in Action Asia, This Month in Taiwan, Maple Leaf Magazine and Lifestyle Magazine.

Newest Essay: East of the Rockies
Photo Essays: Taroko II, My Maokong, LaLa Bits, Subtle Tones, The Trail, Let There Be Snow and Bali Skies

Photo of John McHale by Patrick O'Leary

John McHale
Also a keen photographer, John is from New Zealand. Having lived in Asia for several years, John has now discovered that Taiwan has everything that NZ has, and more. In addition to off-roading in Taiwan, John occasionally embarks on touring/photography trips in other exotic places within Asia.

Photo Essays: Vietnam - Coast and Delta Journey, Cambodia - Land of Temples, Pedal Pushing in Pakistan: Karakoram Highway 2000, Uighurs and Other Friends: A Xinjiang Travel Experience