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Additional Information About Snakes in Taiwan
Snakes and Mountain Bikers in Taiwan

We have summarised information from a number of websites for this special feature. The following websites also contain useful information about snakes in Taiwan.

  • Taiwan Government Information Office - Snakes and Their Poisons
    Contains a strange but interesting film about snakes in Taiwan. Watching this video is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with some of Taiwan's most poisonous snakes.
  • Australia and New Zealand Social Group - Snakes in Taiwan
    Contains photos and information about snakes in Taiwan, both poisonous and nonpoisonous.
  • - Snakebite Antivenin Production in Taiwan
    A comprehensive article about the production of antivenin, as well as useful information about some of Taiwan's venomous snakes, treatment and prevention of bites

Information about diagnoses and treatments of poisonous snakebites is also available from the Center of Poisonous Snakebite Emergency, Taichung Veterans General Hospital at (04) 359-9783, or the Information Center of Poisonous Snakebites, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, at (02) 2871-7121.

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