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Snakes and Mountain Bikers in Taiwan
Identifying Snakes, Avoiding Danger and First Aid for Snake Bites

Though we have not heard of any recent reports of mountain bikers in Taiwan being bitten by snakes, it doesn't hurt to be well educated in the area. Taiwan is home to numerous kinds of snakes; in total, 37 different kinds of snakes call Taiwan home, and a dozen of those are poisonous. As most snakes tend to frequent the types of areas that riders like to ride, a snake encounter is bound to happen sooner or later.

This special feature, Snakes and Mountain Bikers in Taiwan, aims to help you to identify a few of the most common dangerous snakes, give you some ideas of how to avoid danger on the trail, as well as arm you with a bit of information should you or one of your riders be bitten on the trail. We will also provide links to other sources of information on these topics.

Common Poisonous Snakes in Taiwan | Avoiding Danger | First Aid for Snake Bites | Additional Links