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La La Shan Rewound
Three Photographers - Eight Photos Each

it was the second time for patrick oleary and dennis flood. first time for stephen wilde. flood had enough pb&j sandwiches. oleary had enough energy in. wilde didn't have enough Pringles.

la la shan trail. 7 riders. 3 minds working and overworking angles in unison achieving one unit of work. covering a short but long, 18 singletrack km's of at-times, vertigo
induced chills, and of course some spills. ambling past 1400 year-old trees. blazing across 6 year-old rickety ladder bridges spanning gaps and creek ravines. heaving steeds over and through vines and logs. and, negotiating the final 18kms of road riding on empty bellies.

flood, oleary, and wilde joined chu, mchale, hess, and quirk on la la shan supported.

here is how the day played its course. and how the day played with our minds and stomachs. sw.

Flood O'Leary Wilde