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Current Feature
Seoul Survivors - The FFTA in South Korea

Seoul Survivors - After a blitzing visit by an expat based in Korea, the FFTA decided to take an extended weekend to Seoul to explore the mountains surrounding the city. What we discovered was a mountain bikers paradise within easy travelling distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Past Features
A Tall Texan's Tale of Riding the Sweet Trails of Taiwan Tall Texan - Many riders visit Taiwan for work related purposes, bypassing the glorious mountain trails in favour of 18 hour days and too much GaoLiang. However, a recent visitor to our shores didn't want to miss out and hit the Ski Lift, Wulai and Nankang in a short but intense series of rides.
Concrete Jungle by Stephen Wilde

Concrete Jungle - Bicycles and bikers entangled in the Concrete Jungle that is Taipei ... through the eyes of Photographer Stephen Wilde.

La La Shan Rewound

La La Shan Rewound - Inspired by the recent arrival of legendary mountain bike photographer Stephen Wilde, the FFTA team once again hit the road to La La Shan. Together the FFTA photographers captured the essence of the ride; through La La Shan Rewound they share their unique visions.

Snakes and Mountain Bikers in Taiwan

Snakes and Mountain Bikers in Taiwan - This multi-part feature provides an introduction to some of Taiwan's most common poisonous snakes. Also covers prevention, first aid and additional links.