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FFTA correspondents have crisscrossed the island in search of "Mountain Bike" Shops. In Taiwan there are countless stores that sell bikes, but many won't meet the needs of the serious mountain biker. We have found shops in the following locations that may offer the sorts of things that you are interested in.

South Taipei (Kungkuan, Hsintien)
Central Taipei (RenAi, Hsinyi, Ta-an Park area)
North Taipei (Shilin, Tienmu, Minchuan East Road)
North-East Taipei (Neihu District)
South-West Taipei (Chung Ho, Hoping West Road area)
PanChiau (aka. PanChiao, BanChiau and BanChiao)
Boutique de Velo
(various locations)

If you know of a quality mountain bike shop in Taiwan that is not listed on this page, or believe that you have discovered that some of this information is out of date, please contact us. If you'd like to suggest a new shop, please provide detailed information about the shop and we will consider adding it to this page. Information about shops outside of the Taipei area is definitely welcome.

South Taipei City

Shop name: Alan's Mountain Bike
Focus: Mainly cross country with some downhill and road bikes.
Address: #40, Section 5, Roosevelt Rd
Phone/Fax: 886-2-2933-4319
Bus/MRT details: Between KungKuan and Wanlung MRT stops. Numerous buses service this area.
Contact names: Alan and Yen (Alan's wife)
English spoken: Alan speaks a little, Yen is fluent
Brands stocked: Giant, Schwinn, GT, Kona, Airborne, Marin
Shop ride details: There is a Sunday group ride, contact Alan. Also regular Saturday mornings at Maokong.
Comment: Alan has a good stock of components (Fox, Rock Shox, Bontrager,Marzochi, Raceface etc) and frames. He is probably one of the only shops with a large range of steel frames. There is also a wide range of clothes, shoes and helmets. Alan is also a very active rider who knows the trails and is easily persuaded to go on morning rides, no matter what day it is.
Shop name: Taiwan Cyclist Federation (Hsintien Giant Bike Shop)
Focus: Road, XC
Address: #12, Chung-Hwa Road, Hsintien
Phone: 886-2-2912-8777
Fax: 886-2-2910-8556
Bus/MRT details: Beside Hsintien City Hall MRT. Close to many buses as well.
Contact name: Gary Shu
English spoken: Excellent
Brands stocked: Mostly Giant
Shop ride details: Frequent road rides.
Comment: Though not really a mountain bike specific shop, this is still an excellent shop for parts and service. Gary is very friendly, speaks excellent English and is a reputable wheel builder.

Central Taipei (RenAi, Hsinyi, Ta-an Park Area)

Shop name: Jimmy's Bike Shop
Focus: XC, family, city bikes with some down hill frames
Address: #17, Sec 2, Chen Guo South Rd
Phone/Fax: 886-2-2700-5572
Mobile: 886-932-212-037 (0932-212-037)
Contact name: Jimmy
English spoken: Yes
Brands stocked: Merida agent. Small selection of bikes and parts but can source most things within 2-3 days if available.
Shop ride details: No rides.
Comment: Although his stock is small he is renowned for his wheel building abilities and spot on impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Shop name: David Bicycle Company
Focus: XC and city bikes
Address: 102, Section 3, Hsinyi Rd (corner of Hsinyi Rd and Chen Guo South Rd)
Phone: 886-2-2700-0788
Fax: 886-2-2706-6556
English spoken: Some
Brands stocked: Mostly Giant
Shop ride details: Not so regular, but when they do occur it is on Sunday's and they are off road. The best bet is to ring David and find out what is happening.
Comment: Well located. This is your basic bike shop. There are no high end or down hill bikes here. There is the usual stock of water bags and accessories.
Shop name: The Seventh Park Bike Store
Focus: XC, downhill, BMX
Address: #159, Section 2, Chien Guo South Rd
Phone: 886-2-2701-1595
Mobile: 886-932-212-792 (0932-212-792)
Contact name: Jack Chen
English spoken: Yes
Brands stocked: Kona, Schwinn, Progear, Cannondale, GT, Oxford. Good range of wheels and parts. More tasty Manitou downhill forks.
Shop ride details: Friday nights 10p.m at City Hall for free riding fun. Sundays meet at 6:30 AM for off road and road riding. Ring and ask!
Comment: Really helpful staff, Jack is the man to talk to. Stock is ever changing and focussed on quality rather than quantity. Jack always seems to be in his clips, which means he rides a lot, a pretty reassuring sign in a bike shop!!! He has a ton of clothing and not all is that brightly colored stuff, and some is even for the larger amongst us. He also has a good range of bike tools, shoes and components. Definitely worth a look.
Shop name: Kent Bicycles
Focus: XC
Address: Chein Guo South Road near Hsinhai Road
English spoken: Average
Brands stocked: Has a large range of deluxe upmarket products such as Porsche bikes. Often has a good range of well priced bikes from GT, Kona etc. Impressive range of parts and accessories.
Comment: A welcoming shop with a large amount of stock to satisfy all your needs. Well laid out shop design.
Shop name: Colorful Cycle Co. Ltd
Focus: XC, Road
Address: #4, Section 1, RenAi Road (near the corner of RenAi and LinSen S. Rd)
Phone: 886-2-2395-9788, 886-2-2395-9877
Fax: 886-2-2395-9877
Mobile: 886-916-315-209 (0916-315-209)
Contact name: Jack Chang
English spoken: Some
Brands stocked: GT, Giant, Merida, Kona, Schwinn, Trek. Good selection of XC forks, helmets, stems, cranks, etc. Modest selection of clothing and sunglasses.
Shop ride details: Occasional rides on Sunday. No specific time or meeting place. Stop by the shop and ask or call.
Comment: This small, cramped shop has a surprisingly good collection of frames and parts. The focus is definitely on XC, though the odd road and downhill frame can be found. Jack can speak English, though he prefers to have some of the other shop hands (students) speak on his behalf. Given that the shop is only a few minutes walk from CKS Memorial Hall, it is worth a look if you're in the neighborhood.

North Taipei (Shilin, Tienmu Area, Minchuan East Road)

Shop name: Sean's Bike
Focus: Trail/XC, downhill, road, family bikes
Address: #21 Chung Cheng Road, Section 1, Tienmu
Phone: 886-2-2835-2101
Fax: 886-2-2651-5088
Mobile: 886-939-321-589 (0939-321-589)
Bus/MRT details: Short walk from Chihshan MRT. Just off of Chung Shan North Road, Section 5.
Contact name: Sean Huang
English spoken: Excellent
Brands stocked: Agent for Giant. Others include Schwinn, Kona, GT. Gear includes Manitou, Rock Shox, Marzocchi, Mavic, Shimano etc.
Shop ride details: Weekend rides in the hills around Tienmu. Call Sean for details.
Comment: Stocking a wide range of big name brands for mountain types and roadies alike, Sean's is a great place for bike hunting. Sean is super helpful (but ridiculously busy) and will make sure all your options are known before you make a purchase on any item from bikes to grips. A hive of repair and bike building activity this shop is well worth the trip even if you don't live near Tienmu. Judging by the muddy bikes with triple clamp forks and smiling faces on their owners, one would hazard a guess that Saturday rides at Sean's are primarily downhill oriented.
Shop name: Shilin Giant/Cannondale Shop
Focus: XC and some downhill, family
Address: Wenlin Road, in the northern part of Shilin Night Market
Bus/MRT details: Shilin MRT. Numerous buses service the area
English spoken: Some
Brands stocked: Giant and Cannondale agent. Also has a small selection of other brands.
Comment: Another really friendly shop, offering select products with a focus on XC riders. Stocks a good range of cheaper product as well.
Shop name: Jung Ming Bicycle Co.
Focus: XC and family
Address: #114, Sec. 3, Minchuan East Road, Taipei
Phone/Fax: Phone - 886-2-2545-1651, Fax 886-2-2545-2709
Directions From the ChungShan Middle School MRT Station (northernmost on the Mucha line), at the intersection of Fushing North and Minchuan East roads, walk west along Minchuan East Road for about 100 metres. You'll be greeted by a large Giant sign.
Contact Name: Lu Chung Ming
English spoken: Maybe
Brands stocked: Xtension, Giant. Also has a good range of other hardtail/FS frames which feature good components. Decent bike clothing too.
Comment: Another Giant shop, though reasonably spacious. Mr. Lu is a helpful guy who rides and has information about local riding. The shop is open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 9pm.

North-East Taipei (NeiHu District)

Shop name: Peter's Bike Shop
Focus: Top quality mountain bikes and road racing bikes.
Address: #2, Lane 219, Sec. 3, Kang Ning Road, Nei Hu, Taipei
Phone/Fax: Phone - 886-2-2632-4261, Fax - 886-2-2632-5142
Bus/MRT details: Just down the street (East) from the Hala Movie Theater. Near the intersection of Kang Ning Rd and Dong Hu Rd. Many busses stop here.
Contact names: Peter
English spoken: Yes
Brands stocked: Giant, GT, Scott, Specialized, Cannondale
Shop ride details: Every Saturday we mountain bike up and on (off road) Wu Jhe Shan (5 Finger Mountain - same area as Ski Lift Trail) and back. Every Sunday morning we road tour on racing bikes. We depart from the bike shop at 7 a.m.
Comment: Peter has a good stock of almost all major brand name parts. He also stocks a fine selection of other bikes and accessories. He is happy to special order any item that he may not have in stock. Peter is a former Road Bike racer and still rides at every opportunity.

South-West Taipei (Chung Ho, Hoping West Road area)

Shop name: Giant
Focus: Mostly XC with some DH.
Address: #66 Ching An Road, Chung Ho
Phone: 886-2-2246-9423
Fax: 886-2-2246-3439
Bus/MRT details: Short walk from Ching An MRT
Contact name: Scott Wang
English spoken: Excellent
Brands stocked: Litespeed Titanium, Giant, loads of helmets and other accessories
Shop ride details: Weekend rides to Hsinchu, Taoyuan, etc. Contact Scott for information.
Comment: A small shop stocked with loads of frames, wheels, parts and accessories. No shortage of high end gear. Scott's English is great, and he seemed very friendly. A great spot to check out if you find yourself in Chung Ho.
Shop name: CSK Road and Mountain Pro Bike Shop
Focus: Mostly road and XC, custom-made frames.
Address: #60-2, Section 3, Chung King South Road
Phone: 886-2-2305-1089 or 886-2-3230-7222
Fax: 886-2-2307-3374
Location details: At the intersection of Chung King South Road and Hoping (Herping) West Road.
Contact names: Chang Sheng Kai
English spoken: Excellent
Brands stocked: Variety of brands, including Mr. Chang's own CSK line of bikes. He custom designs frames and sponsors a racing team in the US.
Comment: Loads of frames and accessories. The shop is packed full of interesting goodies for road, XC and DH bikes.


Shop name: Hersan Bike Shop
Focus: Downhill, XC and Trials bikes.
Address: #80, Che-Kung Road, PanChiau City, Taipei County
Phone: 886-2-2259-6818
Location details: Take the MRT to HsinPu station in PanChiau. Look for (ask for) Che-Kung Road, which is not far away from HsinPu station. Call the shop if you need help along the way.
Contact names: Hersan or Leo
English spoken: Excellent
Brands stocked: YETI, GT, Scott, Specialized, Ameoba, Fastrax, Mongoose, Coyette, Hayes, Marzocchi, Rock Shox, SRAM, Shimano, KHS, Cratoni, Fox, Tank, Pazzarz. The shop is quite accomodating with special orders.

Hersan was once a BMX stunt performer sponsored by KHS. Now, he is using his wealth of knowledge and experience to teach trials and downhill bike handling skills to interested riders. Additionally, he is a Shimano-certified professional bike technician. This shop is well worth checking out if you live in, or are visiting the PanChiau area.

Boutique de Velo (multiple location chain store)

Shop name: Boutique de Velo
Focus: Given the amount of Klein bikes and fluro lycra products one could safely assume these guys like to ride on road and XC.
Shop 1: #35, Lane 236, Chunghsiao E Road, Section 5, Hsin Yi District
Phone - 886-2-2725-2641, Fax - 886-2-2725-2640
Email -
Shop 2: #30, Chung Cheng Road, Section 1, Tienmu
Phone - 886-2-2833-7373, Fax - 886-2-2833-7272
Note: Other locations in Core Pacific Mall and IDEE Mall (beside Chung Shan MRT)
English spoken: Good at Hsin Yi shop (ask for Brad or Rick)
Brands stocked: Primarily Klein mountain bikes, and other high end products. Camelbak and accessories, wide range of clothing from Fox, Oakley
Shop ride details: Regular ride details are prepared well in advance and are available from the shop/s. Primarily road rides.
Comment: Somewhat of a lifestyle shop, Boutique in the Hsin Yi area offers friendly advice, free coffee and well-organised rides. The Tienmu shop is a little more laid back.


Shop name: Iron Man Cycle Sports
Focus: Trail, XC, Freeride, Road, Some City and Family
Address: #29-1, Jiou-Cheng Rd., I-Lan City
Phone/Fax: 886-3-9365408
Directions: Close to the train station, across the street and down a bit from the You-Ai Department Store, the biggest building in downtown I-Lan.
Contact names: Chen A-Liang & his wife A-Bu
English spoken: Wife speaks fluent English
Brands stocked: Kona, Parkpre, Marin, Progear, Corratec, B.C. Loung, Hasa, GT, Tank,
Scott, Schwinn. Gear Includes Marzocchi, Rock Shox, Manitou, Shimano, SRAM, American Classic, Cane Creek, Giro, etc. Clothes include Canondale and Pearlizumi. Tires include Kenda and Continental.
Shop ride details: Weekend rides on and off road in mountains around I-lan county. Occasional overnight trips to other cities across the mountains.
Comment: A-Liang tests most of his products himself by riding all over the place and participating in Taiwan wide biathlons. He makes top rate wheels and is adept at putting together extremely lightweight bikes at an affordable price. He can get his hands on anything you want with a little time and prices everything fairly.


Shop name: De Cycle
Focus: Mostly Road, XC
Address: 57 Jianjung Rd, Hsinchu
Phone: 886-3-574-8206
Fax: 886-3-574-8011
Directions: 1st freeway south, Hsinchu exit turn right, following Sec. 2 off Guangfu Rd.
Contact name: Sung Ming-Hwang
English spoken: Some
Brands stocked:

Trek, Time, Colnago, Orbea, BMC, Kuota, Litespeed, Mongoose, Tank, Eddy Merckx, CSK and numerous wheel sets and parts.

Shop ride details: There is a regular Sunday ride, contact Sung for details.

If you are looking for rare stuff, we have been told this may be the place. Has a small café corner for cyclists.


Shop name: Three Peaks
Focus: XC, DH, Freeride
Address: 772-1 Taiyuan Rd., Section 3, Taichung City
Phone: 886-4-2436-8842
Fax: 886-4-2436-9237
Directions: Heading east on Taiyuan Rd., its just past Hanxie Rd. on right side.
Contact name: George
English spoken: George speaks English well.
Brands stocked: Cannondale, Element, Azonic, FSA, Xtension, Answer, Manitou, Rock Shox, Tioga, Easton, Ellsworth, Race Face, Park Tools, SixSixOne
Shop ride details: Groups go out on weekends - contact George for details.

A very well stocked shop offering plenty of options for both parts and tools. Conveniently located on the east edge of town, close to the Playground. If George (the owner) isn't there, be prepared to use your Chinese with the helpful and friendly staff.


Shop name: John’s Craft Cyclist’s Bike Shop
Focus: XC, Road and Touring
Address: #77 Szwei 4th Road Kaohsiung City
Phone: 886-7-336-0734
Bus/MRT details: From the train station, take bus #12 to Szwei Road, then take the #0 to Szewi 4th road. The shop is on the left, across from the Yuan’s General Hospital.
Contact names: Justin Wang
English spoken: Justin's English is very good.
Brands stocked: Litespeed, Specialized, GT, Brodie, Galmog, Massi, Mavic, WTB, Thomson, Raceface, Continental, Ritchey, Rock Shox, Marzocchi, Manitou, DNM, Titec, American Classic, Park, Scott, Da Bomb, Campagnola, Shimano, SRAM, Avid.
Shop ride details: Justin and his friend Akwei run rides through the Formosan Serow Bike Club. There is a 100 km road training ride every Saturday. They usually do a cross-country mountain bike ride in the mountains on Sunday. Check the website for details (Chinese) or contact the shop.
Comment: The shop is a small but densely packed with high-end goodies. They can order and custom build anything that is distributed in Taiwan. Justin is a good mechanic, offering full repairs and wheel building. This shop has a friendly and laid back atmosphere with reasonable prices.